Somebody want me


I was really torn about putting this on my 3D blog rather than authors. However films are more tied to writing even though in a very loose way it relates to my 3D too. I will explain later.

Anyway I have been holding back watching Mandela A Long walk to Freedom for a few weeks, I felt I needed to have the right head to tackle something with no doubt horrific scenes. However I braved it the other day and was presently surprised.

It deals with the subject matter in a very careful and considered way, and the film as a whole highlights the ideology of the Leader. There are some upsetting scenes, but it is expect in a film such as this, and even they are dealt with in a way not to glorify, or over expose the violence. It is about the man.


There are some moments I thought, well why couldn’t this bit been expanded upon, showing his inner turmoil at the decisions? I am trying to write this without any spoilers but I think everyone knows the story anyway (or should). When he makes the fateful election speech and renounces violence, forgives those who took away half his life and his families, and South Africans lives. It was amazing, a profound moment, but a moment like that could have been built up to, showing his reasoning’s and psychology. The same applies for the prison. It did not really delve into his inner struggle in where he was held captive.


Those are my only gripes. It was a truly amazing film. A real montage for the man, and even though it doesn’t delve into the psychology of the character, what it does give is an understanding at the nature of the icon.

After watching Jobs that had so many faults I cannot mention, it may as well have been a afternoon five movie (although Ashton Kutcher was good), you could see in A Long Walk to Freedom the talent of the direction, writers and all involved. Idris Elba was also amazing, superb acting, and believable accent. And with that and the reason why I was unsure where to put this blog, last year I created an Idris Elba bust, it is not my favourite model I have done, it has many faults and I plan to revisit it some day. But for now here is my Elba.



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