First review from Australia and first chapter read

Ok lots of news today! The last few days have been great fun creating a book trailer, and it’s still only quarter way through. There is a lot of work left to animate but I hopefully will be done after the weekend. The music is licensed, the extracts are recorded (by myself, not to sure about that but it’s ok) and the backgrounds created, I just need to animate the text which is so much fun.

Also I have had my first non family member review all the way from Australia! It is featured on Authors ally, (here is the link) and gives a wonderful overview and insights into the story.   You can follow the link (here) for the full review, but for an extract

“Despite his fear of the unknown, he ventures under the bed, into that deepest, darkest recess of his fears, where a whole world of adventure awaits him.”

Brilliant awesome and everything good! It is such a rewarding feeling having your work read by others and them taking the time to write their thoughts so others may pick it up. Incredible.

And speaking of incredible. A great friend’s mom has taken the time to do a wonderful, imaginative and exciting read through of my first chapter. Its 20 minutes long, and you need the volume on full to hear it all. But it is so well read, it gives a shiver!

Here it is

And that’s it. I am getting good feedback from people who have read a little so far, and its looking positive. Some frightening moments though! Oops. I am curious how people will feel after reading it in entirety. All the feedback I receive will help shape book two, and three, and four.

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