It’s been a while since my last post, it’s been so busy here that the blogs have taken a back burner.  So today a number of updates!  Firstly the Kindle version of All for Socks is now only 99p.  (clicky here)  It will remain that way until a possible change in price near the time the second is released which I doubt will be this year, but could be near the end.  I think it will be fun to post updates each time a chapter is drafted.  Maybe some hints on what the mood and feel of that chapter is.  Maybe even a sketch of some unfinished idea?

I will be doing a talk at Hodgson Academy soon on the importance of reading, and a little promotion of my wee write.  I’m really looking forward to it, the chance to interact with so many children on the subject of idea generation is valuable research.  Plus they get to see the benefit of an education in literature!

Finally the website has had a complete overhaul.  It looked ok before but it just bothered me a little, it didn’t seem to exhume the idea and feeling of the book in the design.  So it’s all the same content as before, but a better layout.  www.lotsathins.com

Hope all you readers and writers are well, believe in hope!

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