Kindle edition release, bookmarks, and first review (from my ma)!

It has been a startling and interesting few weeks for me, the book being published after writing it for what seems like an eternity really blew me away. It’s a strange feeling. Then people I have not seen in so long, everyone, all bought copies in support. I just hope they enjoy it. My next goal is to try and entice people to write reviews on Amazon. However it’s difficult to say so without trying to advertise. So please if you read it, and you enjoyed it, write a review so others may read it as you have done and find the same enjoyment. And the reviews will also help shape the second book, for I will take all into consideration, the good and bad, when trying to improve on the first.

That said, the kindle edition launched the other day (here). It even has a look through feature for the first chapter and a bit (it finishes in such a perfect place). Although for some reason it does not show the page breaks in the look through, so the formatting is deceptive (I can assure you the kindle edition is formatted properly, I even bought a copy to check the process). It up for £2.27. Amazon also kindly linked the Kindle and paperback version, so if you search for one the other choice is available.

My business cards and bookmarks also arrived, and with great trepidation, took a large handful to my local Sainsbury and my local library. I expected the “ah we need to talk to head office” or similar, but was surprised by how enthusiastic both places were. They gratefully took the bookmarks, Sainsbury displaying them on their 2nd hand book table for all to take (I got a great Watership down with beautiful pictures from there, you can find some wonderful books from places like this if you keep your eyes open) and the library jumped at the chance for free bookmarks for all.

P1010893 P1010894 P1010896

Its exciting, and I’m trying my hand at all sorts of different marketing techniques, but in the end the content and subject will be what pushes the book forward, and “All for Socks” may or may not appeal to the wider audience. Only time will tell.

To that end I have also began developing a trailer, and am in negotiations for a license for a piece of music that fits what I want for the trailer perfectly. Anyway that’s something for another blog!

What else. It’s also in stock on Amazon (well the paperback, the kindle version will always be in stock, they reassured me so :)) Woot! Oh I got my first review also on Amazon, five stars and all, and after five minutes it was taken down, I’m unsure if its due to the review or because my mum wrote it and it may be a little biased, perhaps seen as advertising? Maybe

Anyway here it is

“We have been waiting for a book to equal Harry Potter and this is it, my son could not put it down. The book deals with the problems of a young boy, his parents break up, moving home and of course the disappearing socks from his bedroom. This mix of reality and fantasy, intertwined with the excellent characterisation make for a thoroughly enjoyable read. “

And to round off for the day, I just wanted to share this song with you. No reason, it’s just nice and I found it on youtube yesterday and fell in love. I must try the rest of the album!


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