I seem to write so much better on the train.

I seem to write so much better on the train.

I went to Doncaster the other day and wrote an outline for 3 more books, and added some layers to the 2nd while enjoying the journey.  I think the gentle rocking combined with the fresh and often beautiful views inspire.  I even wrote most of this blog.

Sometimes I think of lines of dialogue that I would be great for a character to say, then work around the idea to build on the situation.  Until another section of the outline appears.  I also drew a new character. Called an Obness.  All art for the second novel will be created in 3D to add more depth to the story.  So the sketch work I may release over time as a bonus. This is just an initial sketch, drawn on a rickety train.  It won’t be published in the novel, it is just a design for the final piece that will be high detail 3D.

The Obness


What do you think?

The trailer is just being tweaked. I will upload it tomorrow unless I see any other problems. To be honest I’m undecided if its good or bad. My own voice speaking the extract is a little strange for me to hear. So I cannot get a grasp if it’s just weird for me or would be weird for everyone. Anyway will see.
Here is a screen shot.


All the best.

A well travelled Adam…

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