Self-Editing your Novel

During the process of publishing the novel I felt it was necessary to have a third eye in the editing process. I was not to adapt at editing my own work, and came to the conclusion it could shine more with an expert eye. At the suggestions of a family member who is also a published author, I asked Kathy Stewart to edit the manuscript (here is her author bio on Amazon). It was a nervous few weeks sending my baby away, but I was happily surprised to the level she had gone to help produce a more well rounded novel. Giving me not only an edited manuscript, but notes and suggestions, and helpful tips. With that in mind I bought her “Self-Editing Your Novel” a few weeks back, and have just finished the read.


At first glance the book appears to be about self-editing, once the manuscript is ready to be tweaked. However Kathy Stewart’s suggestions and tips built into this handy book are not only that, but also tips on the novel creation process, from outlines, planning, maps, character bios. All suggestions that are designed to bring your own novel to fruition. I cannot understate enough how much the tips have helped me craft the second novel. And reading through it makes me realise how lucky I was to have a bases for my first novel designed as a game design document, with all the planning encompassing the work. It certainly brought about a more layered writing piece.
It also delves into writing styles, grammar and correct usage of words. I have to say now that my book is on the way to Amazon, buy this book to help in your own work; it’s a must, a bible for all with little suggestions and rules laid out. But after that, once it’s done, hire an editor, because a second professional eye gives the work the final polish it needs. And I highly recommend Kathy (her blog site).

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