My writing group, Sherlock and a Drowning Passion

I joined a writing group recently, after recommendations from my Uncle (he is a published author) who says writing groups help bring out the best in your skills. I have to say I really agree, having a group to feed off and develop your writing is helpful and fun.

A few weeks ago we were asked to write a poem based on anything we liked. I chose Sherlock, my favourite series of late. Now I have never attempted a poem, so it may be lacking. But it was certainly fun to make and got a giggle!

The games a foot,
around the clock.
With his trusty friend,
the doc.
With each crime,
don’t laugh.
Its almost as if he’s a telepath

He hated the sight,
Of  Johns new Moustache.
But he misjudged ,
A bit of Backlash.
The fight nearly found them in the dock.
In the end they call him Sherlock

Even though his mind palace is so vast
With Moriarty he was outclassed.
He fell to the his death with great fear
Only to reappear

Maybe we should do the math
Or maybe he is just a Sociopath
When I finally watched the last,
I couldn’t wait, for the next Broadcast

Last week we were asked to create a title of a book and the opening line based on a subject someone else in the group gave. I was given Water skiing. My title therefore became “A Drowning Passion” and the opening line?

“He was doing really well until the Ferry get in the way. Next lesson, how to turn.”

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