Ordering from Amazon – Please pre order

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Last night the Amazon page for All for Socks came online. (clicky here) There is no image displayed as yet but I have been told it takes a few weeks to get everything in place. It’s going for £7.99 which is a very good price. In fact it’s the same price as I had to set up with the publishers. So they are taking the requested cut and not any more, which is wonderful, I was worried the distributors may mark it up too high.

It says it is temporarily out of stock, therefore I have ordered a copy so I know how long it takes to get it off the bat, but I’m unsure if Amazon actually order a number of copies from the publisher so they will eventually have some in stock, to allow for quicker delivery before they receive any orders (the publishers are print to order, so technically there will never be any in stock at their end). If so, if you want a copy, please pre order now, therefore it gives an indication to Amazon of the need. (Amazon page).


All the best