The competition is nearly closed, 3D teddies, cave paintings and bear mounds.

In just three days is the competition closing date! At 10 August 2014 at 11.59pm a winner will be chosen completely at random by special computer stuff. I don’t know if I will be informed who wins, but I hope I will to congratulate the winner!fbcover2

Here is a link if you are a last minute entrant –

Arrived in the post the other day, a collaboration between Alan Chan and myself. He kindly printed my 3d model of Teddy used in the artwork for All For Socks.


This is the exact pose and model I used for the render on page 24 of All for Socks and I have to say it came out rather nicely. Blue, but it was just a practise print. You can even see the fabric in the texture of the teddy! My mom called dibs so its sat nicely on her shelf, next to the book.


I was in France recently, and being there was a real writing retreat with the peace allowing me to hone in on some aspects of characters. I ironed out one larger than life character that I am quite proud off. Although he may need toning down, I think he comes across as a little too scary for some. I just need to remember to concentrate on the second book, since I keep jumping to the next few, thinking how cool this scene would be then or maybe even wow! It will be exciting to write and I hope you will find it equally as exciting to read. For now all I can say is I took a beautiful trip into a deep dark cave with cave paintings and bear mounds in the outback of France, and it really helped enlighten me on the feel for a chapter. Is that a spoiler? I don’t know maybe. Ooops.


Ok I’m off. Have a good weekend and if you have not done yet, again only a few more days for a free copy of All for Socks.

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