There is no shortage of faults to be found amid our stars


This is a review of the book. I have not seen the film yet but will, and will post a review then too.

I can’t really put into words the sheer power of the writing to this book. It almost levitates by how well devised it is. To call this tale a “book” on its own doesn’t seem profound enough, it should have a different name, just to highlight the beauty.


I won’t spoil the plot, suffice to say it does deal with someone with cancer, her meeting someone else in remission, and their love blossoming given their unique or rare viewpoint on life, death being always just a few feet away. But although it could be a side effect of death. I feel the book really highlights life and the fragile struggle we all deal with. Yet some are reminded of it more often than others.


It is a real pleasure, while trying to improve my writing to read something like this, it is a master class in creative writing, and I am excitedly already searching Amazon for John Greens other works. I look forward to the film, but I think I will watch it on DVD rather than cinema, wrapped up in bed with sweets, a hot choc and some man size tissues.





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