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I spent quite a while pondering in the previous book for a decent description of body language and emotional depth. How do you say someone is proud, or courageous, by just describing their actions? I studied animation previously so I understand the need to act out the actions. Someone could be worried. Would they scratch there forehead, kick some dust, pace. It’s easy once you get into character but sometimes you need that edge, a small guide. And therefore when I was tumbling the other day I found a great few pieces on description of body language in writing. Very helpful and a good beginning to any emotions on character.



I am planning on starting a month long competition run by in the next few days, possibly Thursday, featuring a read of an extract for a potential free copy of All for Socks. Its rather exciting and will be advertised on here, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.



I also have three more reviews to show. I’m very proud by how people are taking the book, and it is beyond words to describe the feeling when I read these.  Thank you so much.

The first two are from Amazon



And the last from,


Interestingly do free postage, which makes it just £7.99 however I have a feeling it won’t be in stock, so will take another week or so to order from the publishers.

And for all those who have read the first already, a bit of trivia, I drew out a map of Lotsa Thins the other day (I would show it but it has spoilers), and worked out a rough estimate on how far Thomas travelled from the ladder to the end. About 39 miles. Yet from the actual Ladder direct to the Empire its about 10. I am tempted one day as a bonus to publish the maps. It depends on the interest. I could always upload them to the site ( as printable materials. Will see, its one to think about.

All the best


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