Messages, global availability, Socks for all, and cats who like pizza

I spent the last week redecorating my writing room, and it gave me time to consider the second book and what I will try and say through it. I always worry about the message, the underlying theme and what one might take away from reading the piece. Anyway I will say here the title of the next book is “Socks for All” and although you can take the title and read into what the next Lotsa Thins book may be about, all I can say now is it will be darker, with the ramifications and echoes of book one felt throughout.

Now onto All for Socks, the Amazon page came online a few weeks ago, and now there is an image… rather small but a image non the less, and it is also now in stock! Here is my Amazon copy!


I am so happy they have got some on standby, because it really put people off ordering when the out of stock message appears. A few friends have bought copies in support, and I am very grateful for not only spending their money, but also taking the time to read the book and find themselves in Lotsa Thins.

I have bookmarks and new business cards coming next week. I will post them up when they come, but on my 3D blog I have posted previews (here) and gone into more detail on the cost of printing (here). I am hopeful I am aloud to strategically place the bookmarks in local libraries and stores to promote the book in my local area.

Also other news but on the Amazon front, the book is now available in the US on Amazon at (here) and in India at (here) so it’s safe to assume it’s available globally, and available from all good bookstores if you order (the UK Amazon site is here). I just hope it gains a little momentum, and some good reviews. In that ideal I have created a “Look through” feature for Amazon but it takes a while to process it. I will keep you informed when it becomes available. And am beginning to look through creating a Kindle version and also a trailer. Either read by myself or read by a child at a similar age to Thomas.

Finally to end on a high, here is my cat experiencing the smell of Dominos Pizza and Tuna for the first time one night a few weeks back.

I had to get her a tin of tuna steak straight after this was filmed! Poor Kitty!!!

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