Bat suit

Yesterday something appeared on the internet. Something I have been dying to see since it was suggested. The new bat suit for Batman vs Superman. I think it was published via a tweet by Zack Snyder, and it looks fantastic. A true homage to the frank miller style bat suit. Anyway here it is.


It looks so good. And rumour has it there will be two suits in the film. Perhaps the other is to fight Clarke! Since the suit is so Frank Miller, could it be suggestive that the film will be tied to the Dark Knight Returns story? It would be amazing if so (and Synder is renowned for producing frame by frame near perfect reproduction of graphic novels in his films), however since this is supposed to be a Superman story, and the Dark Knight Returns is a Batman story, I cannot see how they would create the story without a severe rewrite to be in Superman’s perspective.

And just a few hours later, this appeared from an “excited” fan…


I have to say it’s lovely.

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