I saw an amazing trailer the other day for a new show from DC, ‘Gotham’, you can see the extended trailer below.

I love the darkness of it, yet with still the quirky characters that were often avoided or rehashed in Nolan’s version to be more realistic. It manages to keep that realism while incorporating historic characters such as poison ivy and the penguin. I wonder how they will deal with some of the issues that push it towards fantasy. Or will the show be a less realistic and more fanciful affair. It’s hard to say from the trailer but it does look likely to be set in a more realistic Gotham, portrayed through Nolan’s work.

It’s easy to see I am a big Batman fan. When the first news of Batman vs. Superman was aired and the video with the words “I want you…. to remember, Clarke… In all the years to come… in your most private moments.. I want you to remember… My hand at your throat… I want you to remember… the one man who beat you.” was released from Comic Con. I was super excited.

It’s my favourite graphic novel.   I just hope they do have a similar theme to the Dark Knight Returns in the film. Seeing Batman defeating the undefeatable man, uttering those words. And hey, I Like Ben Affleck for the role!

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