I found something so sweet on Facebook the other day and it reminded me of Teddy from All for Socks. Here is the pic


I want to make one myself for family! It’s so simple yet adorable. Although a friend described the omelette as something else, which kind of ruined the image.

The images in the printed edition of All for Socks need to be in Black and white, so here is the Teddy in full colour.


I am going to post in a few days with an extract for the first few pages of the book. I think it is so important to get a feel of the writing style of the piece, to give an idea if you may be interested in taking the time to read the whole, and investing in the purchase, (which should be under ten pounds roughly, however every distributor will mark up the book differently). And if your children may want to read the piece! Although I have to say it’s difficult to decide where to stop the extract. It is so tempting to give the entire first chapter, but this needs to be a taster, not a main course!

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