The book is formatted and sent to the publishers! & some politics

Almost like the final deadline for university, I reluctantly and desperately sent my first novel, All for Socks (for 9s and above), off to the publishers today. I am using after great success from another family member self publishing, and it is so exciting, yet a worry. Like the day after hand in at Uni, I am walking around in a daze wondering if I put the pictures in the right place, or if every line reads well, and if it all make sense!

I think I will create a preview (a real preview this time) of the first few pages… Just too give you a taster. It helps be able to ascertain the writing style and if appropriate to yourself or your children (it is for over 9s but still enjoyable for adults, I know, I read it and its not to bad).


Anyway off subject, but to further my mood, a drink of Amaretto in hand, a political question. I know really politics should be kept out of everything but politics. It doesn’t earn you friends and whatever party you vote for the guy who’s taller and can talk is bound to have voted otherwise. So I am not going to discuss the vote to come or anything of that nature. All I want to know is why does David Cameron insist on being in the news every single day? For any reason. He has to give his voice to any crisis, any news whatsoever you can expect Cameron will be there in some location that excels the working people of England, saying “well I think…” He’s like the new news spokesperson.

I know it makes sense for the rating, but why so blatantly. Anyway I have many quips about a lot of Politian’s, but that has really been bugging me recently. If I manage an hour of watching the news without Cameron I need to celebrate. I wonder if in the election he will start selling Calendars…….   Possibly topless.

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