The novel is back, and its better than awesome.

Yes you read right, its back, and it reads like a dream. I must have read the book over a thousand times, yet reading it fresh from an edit is a fantastic feeling. I read it all in a day.

The editor (you can read her blog here) not only edited the manuscript but added friendly advice and notes to the piece for her reasoning’s. My favourite was suddenly. Literally about the word suddenly. It is bad form to write suddenly more than once throughout a manuscript! Wise words.

So the plan is to give it a few days to settle, then read it again, if it still is better than awesome, I will send it to the publishers and get ready for my author copy to approve.

And that’s not all, here is imagery of the covers for the book, front and back . There is still the side to do but I need to wait till I have formatted the manuscript before I do. What do you think?

front_cover back_cover

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