Piano recital

I spent last Friday night at a Piano recital. I was told about it through my writers circle and was so eager to go we got there over an hour early. However once everyone else came, and the recital began, it was truly breathtaking. There is nothing like being lost in the music, and the two hours flew by playing Mozart, Ravel and Chopin. I loved Chopin especially op.35. However I later found out the familiarity was due to it being the funeral song!

You can see the wonderful Chiao-Ying Chang here again losing herself on the piano…

Also here is a version of Chopins Op. 35. Sadly not with the same pianist but still as good.

I can spend hours listening and losing myself in song, it helps so much with the writing when you pick the perfect song for the mood and pace of the writing. It just flows out of you.

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