Mitty, cat fights, website and competitions

I watched last night a superb film, my new favourite film alongside Last Samurai, Man of Steel and I am Legend. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Words cannot describe how well thought out the film is. Even the colour scheme was blocked out before hand in its entirety. I watched the making off earlier, and it just shows how the visual style must be adhered to throughout the film, in fact they even play with the style to show the difference between Walt the business man and Walt the adventurer. It’s so important to have a visual style in films, games and even books. It sounds strange to say in books, admittedly I have artwork featured throughout but even without, you would not expect a bowing 747 to be lying on the bridge in Lotsa thins. Its about believability. And even when the story is quirky and obscure, it still needs to tie in with what you write. It all has to make sense. It needs rules. And if you break those rules it really needs to be explained how and why.
Anyway I woke up the other night to a cat fight. Again. We have two cats and one is so young she hasn’t learnt to run yet, and keeps getting in trouble. Probably to interested in the falling leaf or the sky (she loves looking at the sky, or the ceiling.) and last night again a cat fight and even a mouse in the house. We always capture the mice and put them out the back, in the wooden area. And have even bought humane mouse traps to catch them when they have run under somewhere we just can’t get at (like the fireplace). Oh they love peanut butter, for all those mice catching enthusiasts! It just takes an hour or two. Little sleep again for Mr Adam!
That brings me to the website. Its up! take a look, its really designed for when the book comes out and for readers, however it will give nice info for those interested in what may come!
I am also thinking about running a competition to give away a few copies once the book is released. It sounds so weird saying signed copies, as though people would really want my signature on a book, but I guess that’s the standard so perhaps signed too. Anyway check back here for info, ill post something at some point nearer release. Any ideas on a competition just comment or email.


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